The second feature length film directed and produced by Ryan Boran
Productions is called Tenebrae Lux

Tenebrae lux is an arthouse sci-fi feature length film produced by Ryan Boran Productions set on a global stage to create an out of world experience. The goal of this film is to form a series of worlds which captures the imagination of the audience by filming in some of the most surreal places around the world, subtly incorporating CGI (computer generated images) into the scenes, to create something truly imaginative and different. The movie was filmed in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Iceland, Bahamas, California, and New York City, and has a running time of 99 minutes.

The story is about a traveler called The Seeker who has the ability to cross between far off worlds where desolation and beauty are bountiful. His serenity is suddenly short lived when a group of friends discover him in the desert. After their encounter, his travels become plagued with problems. The only people who can give him answers are a group of majestic observers called Watchers and a mysterious man who has been following his whereabouts for some time.