The debut feature length film directed and produced by
Ryan Boran Productions called Devils and Dust

Devils and Dust is a feature length film recently produced by Ryan Boran Productions utilizing a global stage as the story follows one woman's journey half way around the world in search of her remaining family. The film is currently seeking distribution and recently played in the Anthology Movie Theater in downtown Manhattan, receiving a warm welcoming to NYC.

The story is about a woman named Laura Stone who is in search of her estranged father. Laura was raised by her mother on a farm in rural Idaho, and now as an adult, has conflicting emotions about her desire for adventure, finding her father, and fulfilling her responsibilities to the farm. One fateful day, those conflicts finally compel Laura to start a journey south to find answers. Although sometimes, not finding anything, but seeing everything can bring the peace that you were looking for.

The goal of this movie is to inspire all of us to walk a different path and follow our hearts. Devils and Dust is a journey of triumph and wonder, and a film which takes you to some of the most beautiful places of North and Central America, all seen through the eyes of one adventurous woman.